energy Program

About the Energy Program

Network for New Energy Choices has evolved into the Energy Program of the GRACE Communications Foundation. NNEC was formed in 2006 by GRACE to promote environmentally responsible energy policies and technologies through in-depth reports and web content.

NNEC spearheaded the first edition of the award-winning Freeing the Grid report, and continued as lead partner in producing subsequent annual installments; published a report on local permitting obstacles to renewable power called Taking the Red Tape Out of Green Power; released a groundbreaking report on the problems with corn ethanol called The Rush to Ethanol: Not All Biofuels are Created Equal; and produced reports on the damage to aquatic lifecaused by the nation’s aging fleet of power plants.

The Energy Program will continue to highlight the ways in which the nation’s energy system can shift towards a cleaner future, while at the same time strike a better balance with sustainable food and water systems.