water Program

About the Water Program

Welcome to the GRACE Communications Foundation Water Program, which evolved from H2O Conserve. Launched in 2008, H2O Conserve drew inspiration from the Water: H2O = Life exhibition, a creation of the American Museum of Natural History. H2O Conserve was established as an online source of tools, tips and information that enables individuals to make water conservation part of their everyday lives. H2O Conserve was best known for its Water Footprint Calculator, an interactive tool that allows people to estimate their water use and then find out how to reduce their “water footprint.” The project website also featured downloadable Issue Pages developed to increase understanding of timely topics including water used in energy production, water used to make consumer products, water conservation in and around the home, among other water-related issues.

The Water Program will continue to highlight the ways in which the nation’s water resources and water systems can be better managed to continue to provide abundant supplies of clean freshwater, while at the same time strike a better balance with sustainable food and energy systems.