Food, water and energy - they may not seem like they’re connected but the systems that help produce and bring fresh food and energy as well as clean, abundant water to all of us, are intertwined. It takes water to create food and energy, it takes energy to move and treat water and to produce food, and sometimes we use food as a source of energy. These systems have become increasingly more complex and dependent upon one another. As a result, a disturbance in one system can wreak havoc in the others, so it’s important to achieve a sustainable balance between the three.
Energy and Agriculture
  • As a result of the industrialization and consolidation of agriculture, food production has become increasingly dependent on energy.
Energy and Water
  • It takes a significant amount of water to create energy, and it takes a significant amount of energy to treat and move water.
Water and Agriculture
  • Freshwater is the lifeblood of agriculture. Learn why water is important to agriculture and how agriculture can impact water.