Presidents Gone Green: Presidential Contributions to Our Food System

America's 45 presidents have dealt with environmental and climate issues since our nation's beginning. From Thomas Jefferson to Barack Obama, we've pulled together fun facts about the impacts many of our nation's presidents have had on our food system - and the water and energy systems our food depends on.

This Week in Eco News - February 17, 2017

This week's Eco News features stories about Instagram's role in fueling food waste; how chocolate became part of Valentine's Day; what cow pastures have to do with saving the planet - and much more!

Garden DIY: Seed Selection and Starting

The first step to a a flourishing garden is choosing high quality seeds that fit your climate and harvest goals. Make sure you seed for success by purchasing from sustainable seed sources, considering important seed characteristics and understanding the seeding process.

How Your Kid's Lunch Can Help Fight Climate Change

What if we could improve our kids' school lunches and reduce our impact on the climate at the same time? A new study by Friends of the Earth explains the connections - and what school districts can do about it.

Real Food Right Now and How to Cook It: Chocolate

While you may agree with one of our staff, who said Valentine's Day (the holiday responsible for the sale of 58 million pounds of chocolate) is "mostly a lamentable shakedown perpetuated to promote superfluous consumption," we also know you probably care a lot about chocolate. So here are the details!

This Week in Eco News - February 10, 2017

This week's Eco News features stories about microplastics found in in shellfish; a man who dons his trash for 30 days; how Boulder has become a hub for food producers - and much more!

Sustainable Chocolate Company Helps Cocoa Farmers, One Delicious Bar at a Time

Are there any companies out there making delicious chocolate the right way, without hurting people or the planet? Thankfully, there are. To learn more about the bright side of the chocolate industry, we reached out to sustainable chocolate pioneer Pierrick Chouard of Vintage Plantations whose artisanal chocolate was developed to help protect small farmers and the environment.

Two New Efforts to Expose Fish Fraud and Illegal Fishing

The US has the strongest fishery regulations in the world, but it also imports 90 percent of its seafood. Two new federal rules aim to make sure that our fish imports meet US standards, like protecting marine mammals and eliminating illegal fishing and fraud. Both rules face big questions about how effective they will be and whether the new administration will even enforce them.

This Week in Eco News - February 3, 2017

This week's Eco News features stories about the complexity of meat and egg labels; the impact of Trump's refugee restrictions on the meat industry; California floods and agricultural water conservation - and much more!

Are You Getting What You Paid For? Key Food Questions to Ask

In the world of food, a label does't always let you know what you are getting, let alone to know if it is sustainable. To navigate the complicated world of making more sustainable food choices, here are a few questions to ask to make sure you are getting the real deal.

Pro-GMO? Or Pro-Right to Know?

The Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) and its members spent nearly $400 million over the past four years to defeat mandatory GMO labeling laws. Buycott has assembled a list of products from companies that fought against your right to know. Find out if your favorite organic brand is on the list!

10 Ways Climate Change Impacts Agriculture and Seafood

With climate change among the issues taking center stage, there is no better time to look at the impact that climate change is having - or will have - on our food. Agriculture and fisheries are highly dependent on the climate, and any changes in climate will have a (sometimes severe) impact on our food.

Meet the New(ish) Chairmen of the Senate and House Agriculture Committees

There have been some seriously big changes happening in Washington, DC over the past few weeks. But one thing that won't be changing are the men in charge of the Senate and House Agriculture Committees. What potential impact can agriculture committees and their chairmen have on sustainable food and farming?

This Week in Eco News - January 27, 2017

This week's Eco News features stories about why cows in Wisconsin are eating skittles; the implications of Trump's immigration stance on potential labor shortages; the relationship between rising temperatures and crop loss - and much more!

New Film Exposes Unfairness and Risks in the Contract Farming System

A new feature-length documentary produced by Rural Advancement Foundation International (RAFI), "Under Contract: Farmers and the Fine Print," explores the hardships and hidden risks faced by the people who grow nearly all the chicken eaten in the US - risks that turn chicken growers into modern-day serfs.

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