This Week in Eco News - December 19, 2014

With the holidays upon us, we're thinking about the gifts that the planet has been getting. The biggest this week: New York's ban on fracking - plus, a Tofurkey plant built to Platinum LEED standards and a new plan to save Louisiana's wetlands. Merry Eco News, indeed!

TEDxManhattan Heroes: Joel Berg

Leading up to TEDxManhattan 2015, we've asked this year's speakers to introduce themselves by answering a few questions. Our first guest is Joel Berg, Executive Director of the New York City Coalition Against Hunger, who will speak about the true challenges in the fight against hunger.

Stefanie Sacks Asks: What the Fork Are You Eating?

Ever found yourself in a grocery aisle stymied over competing labels and claims, wondering which food is the best buy for you? Good news - help is here! And regardless of how much you know about the healthiness of food, Stefanie Sacks' astoundingly helpful new book has something for you.

This Week in Eco News - December 12, 2014

In order to find solutions, first we have to uncover problems, right? It's been a rough couple of weeks in current events, and this week's EcoNews features some scary revelations and poor predictions regarding antibiotic resistant infections and our ocean water quality. But now that we know, we can pursue solutions. Chin up!

Our Heroes: Eddie Wales and Chef Wesley Fulmer at Motor Supply Co. Bistro

"The goal is to one day no longer have to use the phrase 'farm-to-table,' because that's the way it should be; that's the way it used to be. I want to see it become standard again." Meet owner Eddie Wales and Executive Chef Wesley Fulmer of Motor Supply Co. Bistro, an eclectic farm-to-table spot.

Real Food Right Now and How to Cook It: Cooking Oils

Like salt and black pepper, you probably reach for cooking oil for just about every meal you make. But have you ever wondered about the history of your canola oil, or what makes fancy extra virgin olive oil so expensive? Or what the heck margarine really is? Read on for all of this and more.

This Week in Eco News - December 5, 2014

We've all had one: that sustainable aha! moment when we realize we can help change the planet for the better. From a Perdue chicken farmer opening his barn doors on inhumane treatment to realizing how much dirty water the oil and gas industry make, here's plenty of aha! moments waiting to happen.

Our Heroes: Chef Deborah Scarborough at Black Cat Bistro

"Simply put, sustainability is important for obvious reasons. We need to sustain the planet and the land we grow our food on so that we can survive." According to Chef Deborah Scarborough, owner of Black Cat Bistro, it's just common sense to use local ingredients - not only it is more sustainable, "the better the ingredients, the better the dish will turn out."

Real Food Right Now and How to Cook It: Yams

Sweet potatoes are often colloquially referred to as "yams" - but they're not. Let's take a culinary world tour and unravel this mystery together, shall we? Bottom line: you might have to hunt down a true yam, but they sure are worth it!

Our Fun, Sustainably Themed Holiday Gift Guide

If you're looking for fun multimedia gifts (and treats!) to share with your nearest and dearest this holiday season, have we got some picks for YOU. At a variety of price points, available online, in kitchens or on bookshelves, here's a few of our newest favorite ways to spread the enviro-themed merry!

Our Heroes: Judi Shils and Erin Schrode, Teens Turning Green

Judi Shils and Erin Schrode are the mother-daughter dynamos behind Teens Turning Green, which has helped thousands of high school and college/university students around the world organize around sustainability issues. TTG's marquis project is the "Project Green Challenge", a 30-day event each October that inspires participants and spreads the word about eco-consciousness.

This Week in Eco News - November 21, 2014

With Thanksgiving coming up, we focus on what we're the most thankful for: the people in the food, water and energy fields helping us do better by the planet. From people teaching folks about the ills of the Keystone pipeline to the millions of people warning the EU about GMOs, this week we celebrate the people who speak out!

Our Heroes: Chef Vivian Howard at Chef and the Farmer

'We cultivate strong relationships with local farmers... making it possible to source more than 70 percent of the restaurant's foodstuffs within a 60 mile radius." Meet Chef Vivian Howard who opened Chef & the Farmer in 2006, and has been showcasing the foods and traditions of rural North Carolina ever since.

Taste it, Don't Waste it! - Potatoes

Here, Sherri Brooks Vinton dishes up recipes and tips on how to use up every bit of tasty food we buy and prepare. You too can turn leftover mashed potatoes into sexy samosas, and Sherri's recipe for potato peel chips will convince you to never throw out another nutritious skin.

This Week in Eco News - November 14, 2014

This week in honor of Veterans' Day we saluted veterans working in energy, water and food. Some of the week's biggest stories included the US/China climate accords, a call for a national food policy and the American solar boom. Check out your fall favorites at the farmers' market this weekend - we bet fresh, hot cider awaits!

Our Heroes: Chef Mark Estee at Campo

"We are blessed here in Reno, NV. I know every farmer we use. They come to eat here and we visit them on their farms." Meet Chef Mark Estee at Campo, another of our Eat Well Guide heroes!

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